Staffing’s largest A to Z Supplier

Simplifying staffing’s supply chain to one website while reducing the industry’s costs per hire

The Only One-Stop-Shop for staffing and recruiting companies of every size, offering goods and services at bulk rates typically reserved for large publicly traded firms or franchises  

Tired of dealing with more vendors than hours in the day?  The idea was born out of frustration and the time spent to source every day and one-off items needed to service clients, especially if those items are required for employees to report to work.  

The Staffing Super Store set out to simplify the process to: One Website, Password & Invoice.

Buying Power Delivered ASAP

Take advantage of our ability to buy a boat load!  We went directly to the source to cut out all the barriers that drive up prices.  We only serve Staffers so if you don't use it, we don't buy it. Stop paying to support a warehouses full of industrial equipment, maintenance supplies, tools & parts! Do they even have a Staffing Section in their 800-page catalog/printed version of the Internet? 

Everything is ASAP, right?  Most client orders need to be filled ASAP, requiring skill sets that are in high demand, pay rates below the current market, fully screened and sometimes needing safety gear and uniforms. (Oh, and BTW, they need to start tomorrow!)  We get life in Staffing which is why we strive to ship all orders the same day.